Bad Girl, Good Business

Nancy A. Shenker has been described as “one wise and witty wired woman.”

Throughout history, people who challenge the norm, break rules, and do unconventional and risky things blaze a path for others. Nancy A. Shenker is one of those folks.

theONswitch is her “day job” and her passion. She leads a company that consults to a wide range of businesses on how to do better marketing.

Now you can access Nancy’s wisdom and wit in the “to go” version. You can invite her to your conference or place of business to inspire or train. Or, you can read her blogs, books, and banter in a variety of media.


Keynotes & Panels

National conferences, college and alumni gatherings, professional groups, Chambers of Commerce, and other industry events are just a few of the places Nancy has spoken. Whether your group is 10 or 1000, she’ll custom-craft an interactive talk that’s both entertaining and educational. Read more here.

Workshops & Webinars

Over the years, Nancy has led more than 200+ social media, e-marketing, branding and PR workshops and webinars. She prides herself on making even the most complex “marketing speak” fun and accessible to audiences of all ages, tailoring her teaching to the industry, doing extensive research beforehand and offering practical tips so attendees can put learning into practice as soon as they walk out of the room (or conclude a webinar).

Nancy is also a Constant Contact Solution Provider. If you’re interested in starting your own e-marketing and social engagement program, contact her to find out how Nancy and theONswitch have delivered record-breaking results for the past 10+ years!

Follow Nancy

Not only can you “follow” Nancy via social media (see our links above and below), but you can catch her at an upcoming speaking engagement or workshop.

Upcoming Speaking Gigs & Workshops

Let’s go to camp in February!

What: American Camp Association Conference: Social Media/e-Marketing 2014:  What’s new?
When: February 5-8, 2014
Where: The Hilton Hotel, Orlando, Florida

Click here to register

We’re not just wool gathering here!

What: Yarn Market News Conference: PR for Digital Media
When: Monday, March 10, 2014 3:00-4:15 PM CST
Where:  The Omni Hotel in Chicago, Illinois

Click here to register

Reading >

Books and e-books

Check out Nancy’s books on nunu media®, the publishing company she founded. Then order or download them at Amazon (of course).

Business Comic Books (Bizics)

“The Sins of Social Media and How to Avoid Them” “Bitch Slap: When Women Misbehave at Work”

For Recent Grads & Job Hunters

“Don’t Hook Up With the Dude in the Next Cube:  200+ Career Secrets for 20-Somethings”

Blogs & News

The Bad Girl, Good Business Blog: Timeless Truths & Random Rants (coming soon!)

theONblog and Hippy to Wiki, Nancy’s long-running blogs will soon be combined into one. Watch for fun, simple and snarky advice about business and life.

Show Girl Talk
Covering the good, the bad, and the ugly of trade shows, conferences, and other live events.

30-Second Current and Finger in the Socket
These e-news blasts are so fun and informative that Nancy and theONswitch get fan mail each month! Are we landing in YOUR inbox yet? If not, click here.

The Huffington Post: Business
Covers career topics of all kinds. Whether you’re writing your first resume or getting ready to retire, you’ll find something valuable in these posts!

Toy or Tool?
Just because it’s new and cool doesn’t mean it has any real value. Here’s the latest and greatest (or sometimes not so great) technologies and plain English translations of how they can help you in business.

PR people: Have something to pitch to me?

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