Business Wisdom & Wit: Small Business Tips

Who has time to read long and boring business stuff? Here are tricks, tips, and perspectives.

Small Business Tips:

Here are lots of articles — old and new — that appeared in a variety of places. Many were previously published in the New York Enterprise Report (now Smart CEO) — but still ring true today!

Business Management:

4 Ways To Survive A Tornado

5 Common Mistakes Business Owners Make

7 Steps To Gear Up For The Fall

Are You Smarter Today Than Yesterday

Ask The Expert How To Launch A Small Business

Cruising Toward Success

How To Hold on to the Ball & Stay on Your Feet in Your Business

How To Turn 8 Hours Into 8,760 Hours

Is Getting Angry Good For Your Business?

Is it Good to Screw Up?

Is Planning Dead?

Karma and Business

Make More Time

Rocky 7.1 (with Apologies To Sly Stallone)

Stop Blogging and Take A Break

Stop Whining and Start Succeeding In 2011

Summer Camp in February

The 5 Most Important Errands For A Business

The Final Blog of 2010

Three R's for Growth: Reflect, Ruminate, Recommit

Top 5 Ways to Work Greener…Without Spending More Green

What Did You Do This Summer?

Who Wants to be a Woman Millionaire?

Why I Love Summer Camp

Why You Can't Rely on Backspace


Blocked For Ideas Collaborate!

Change It Up!

From Flying To Friending: Men Of The Year And What They Have In Common

Get Out of Your Office...Now!

Get Smart & Stay Smart In 15 Minutes Per Day

How to Make a Holiday Miracle

In With the New...In With the Old

Open Your Mind, Open Your Opportunities

Reading is Fun (and Profitable)

Reduce Clutter to Make Space For New Ideas

Think Different (But Be Relevant)


10 Tips For Nurturing Your Marketing Firm's Relationship

5 Ways To Build Buzz For Less $$$

5 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Advertising Spend

Are You A Person Or A Personal Brand?

Effective Marketing Tools

Going to Market: A Buyer's Guide For Choosing Marketing Strategists

Gold Rush: Marketing in the Yukon


7 Signs You Are A Jerk At Work

Be The Life Of The Holiday Parties

Have You Been a Naughty or Nice Boss?

How Do You Unplug?

Teach Our Children Well...and Learn Something In The Process

The People Thing

Willingness to Listen Creates Opportunity

Public Relations:

Build A Press Kit That Works

How to Avoid Post-PR Depression


Ask The Expert How To Land Big Clients

Ask The Expert How To Sell To Retail

How to Do a Demo (Tips for Food Companies)

Social Media Marketing:

Digital De-Tox

Are You Afraid Of Social Media?

Could Your Company Be More Pinteresting?

Do You Share Too Much On Social Media?