4-Step Process

Even though we have a process, we work speedy-quick. Just the right amount of up-front brainstorming and planning cuts down on the expensive “uh-ohs” as we start to market.

We follow this simple and timeless process that results in great marketing.

That comes from you (the client), with some external creative sparks. It’s your vision for your business…how you see yourself growing and evolving.
Sound marketing planning is your roadmap to achieving the things you imagine. It includes analyzing your target audiences, creating specific to-dos, recommending the right mix of media, and establishing timetables and budgets.
theONswitch is the source of creative approaches that break through the clutter and get people talking about your brand, products and services – whether we use conventional or digital media, or the perfect blend of both!
We set realistic goals, analyze results and fine-tune plans to ensure you’re growing your business. After all, it’s all about ROI. (That’s Return on Investment for you newbies out there!)