A (very) little about us.

We’ll keep it short. Because it’s not really about us, it’s about YOU…and growing your business.

But this is our site, so here’s a little something about us.

theONswitch has been around since 2003. Nancy, our CEO, grew up in marketing and has lived through the creation of all forms of media – from black and white television through the social media boom and we are as fluent in digital marketing as we are in traditional brand marketing.


you get a balanced and fully-integrated approach to marketing – combining the very best of tried-and-true with the latest and greatest online marketing techniques.

Remember, the world keeps changing but great marketing is timeless!

We limit the number of clients we take on, so you can be assured of personalized service. No bait and switch.

We bring in the best talent for each project and don’t mark-up third party fees. You just pay us for management services. We’re totally objective.