A worldwide pandemic forces a concierge medical practice to deal with COVID-19 as infection rates surge.  PPE and testing become scarce, so Dr. Southwell and his team sprung into action — with compassion, inclusion, and cutting-edge therapies.

The goal was to keep ALL patients and the community healthy while creating something that never existed before — a COVID-19 “safe haven” and generate awareness and appointments for prevention, testing, and therapy.


Creating a brand from scratch, building awareness, educating consumers (without promoting fear), and driving traffic to a newly COVID-dedicated office were among our challenges. Measuring the impact of our marketing efforts was also key.


In about 90 days, we created an eye-catching brand and guidelines, website, social media presence, snackable blog, collateral, useful swag, and a grand opening event (socially-distanced, attended by the Mayor, and featured on two local TV stations and business media). We established KPIs and created a weekly results tracking system. theONswitch also coached the team on how to build local relationships with medical offices, hospitality venues, and other partners and built connections with local influencers.


To date, we increased social media engagement across platforms by 4000% (and growing!).  Press releases were picked up by outlets and made over 107M media impressions.  Two prominent local TV stations live-covered the Ribbon-Cutting ceremony, toured the office on-air, and shared coverage with their sizeable social media followings.  And we’re just getting started…