Fat Reduction!


A nutritionist and author needed a new image to help boost book sales, grow her fan base, and secure endorsement deals. Her old site was stuffed with copy and her social media was way too lean.


Lyssa needed her online personality to be consistent with her real world one. We set about building a new site, stripping away the fat and creating a system for her to offer tips, recipes, and real-world advice 24/7. We also created a membership club, to generate revenue and a product recommendation concept to encourage endorsement deals.


The website, a series of 30 video tips, consistent e-mails, presence on all social media, and a fun and engaging (and shareable) meme series were just some of the integrated communications we brought to the table. We helped prep Lyssa for media appearances and trained her on PR outreach.


Within a month of launching, Lyssa had almost 1k new visitors to her site, a mention in a local blog, and kudos galore (in both the real world and on social media). Like dieting, achieving fame is a long-term commitment, but our client is well on her way!



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