Jim D’Arcangelo, former Marketing VP at a major SAAS company, wanted to create a unique content community for a huge segment of his company’s customer/prospect base — women service business owners, an underserved business segment. (More than 9.4 million women start new ventures, yet only 2% hit $1,000,000 in revenue. They need knowledge to help them BOOM!)


We researched and named the community, directed the creative, devised a long-term strategy and wrote unique content (more than 80 articles and social media posts) with tips, tricks, interviews and facts. PLUS, we created two all-new infographics to drive top-of-the-funnel traffic.


From hire to launch, sheBOOM was up and running in 60 days. The community was BOOMing with new users – including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram accounts. Plus, we created a new stream called Happy Tech, which specializes in useful technology for women who own service businesses and we wrote a profile of Women Who Code.


In just five months, sheBOOM gained exposure to more than 20,000 viewers and won a national award within a month of its first publication! We’re able to track leads and engagement at an individual post level, and turn views into ROI! Now, sheBOOM is about to relaunch under theONswitch brand — with an even bigger target audience, new content for female founders, and a range of advertising/sponsorship opportuities for women entrepreneurs. Stay tuned and BOOM with us!